We have organized some special excursions you can sign up for.

  • Agion Oros Cruise 25,-Euros/person

Mount Athos

The first one is a cruise around the Holy Mountain starting from Ouranoupolis and lasts three and a half hours. A 300-seat ship departs once a day from the little port of Ouranoupolis next to the gates of the Holy Mountain. The ship follows the southwest side of the peninsula reaching in ten minutes the borders that separate the monastic state from the rest of the world. In the rest of the cruise you can see 8 monasteries, the central port of the Holy Mountain, Dafni, and the little villages called skites where the monks live and long beaches. You have a chance to make purchases on board and take photos on the bridge of the ship with the captain.

The cultural inheritance of the Holy Mountain isn’t limited only to the magnificent architectural buildings and the one-of-a-kind relics of the sacred monasteries, but also spans to the peerless natural environment, the landscape surrounding the monasteries. It consists of a virgin and unique ecosystem with a huge variety of animals and plants; a mosaic of all kinds of vegetation, semi-desert, European, Mediterranean and Alpine in an environment that hasn’t undergone any human intervention for no good reason.   

  • Aristoteles' homelands & Arnaia village 15,-Euros/person


Stagira is located amidst the Aristotelian Mountain and the exceptional view to Mount Athos and was built in an altitude of 400 meters. There is the only organized thematic park of Halkidiki, the Aristoteles Park, where the visitors can see the instruments of physics that Aristoteles mentions in his books and the remains of the Turkish baths.

Aristoteles Park

The Aristoteles Park, a unique theme park of Halkidiki, is located in an altitude of approximately 500 meters, in the historical village of Stagira. More than 15.000 visitors are estimated to visit the Park for its interesting interactive instruments and the great view to the gulf of Ierissos during summer. The Park preexisted and the wonderful location was chosen in 1956 to host the statue of Aristoteles, made by sculptor Nicholas, to honour the great philosopher who was born in Ancient StagiraThese experimental interactive instruments, operating by rules of physics that are mentioned in Aristoteles' textbooks and especially in the one called “The Naturals”. 

Arnaia village

Arnaia is the historic capital of the municipality of Aristoteles. It is the most traditional city of Halkidiki and is considered a Historic Monument. It was built in an amphitheatrical way on the feet of Mount of Holomontas in an altitude of 600 meters amongst green forests and running waters. All around the city there are still old traditional houses of great architectural value, built with stone and wood.

A great place of interest is the central square of the town where all the stone made alleys end up. You can visit the folklore and the weaving museums and the beautiful churches of Agioi Anargyroi and Agios Stefanos. You will have the chance to taste biologically made honey, cheese, wine and yogurt that the residents produce.

  • Ierissos - Stagira - Arnaia 20,-Euros/person

Departure in the morning from Hotel to Stagira which is located in central Macedonia, near the eastern coast of the peninsula of Halkidiki, and is chiefly known for being the birthplace of Aristotle, who was a Greek philosopher and polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. Next stop is the traditional village of Arnaia. The village of Arnaia will give you a glimpse into the life of the local Macedonian culture. This picturesque ancient village is located under the peak of Mount Holomondas. Returning at the hotel we will stop at the Village Ierissos there we have the opportunity to make a magical and impressive 3D journey of the monastic way of life through the sanctuary of Mount Athos in the first 3D theatre in Greece. Experience the 1000 year old history of the Monastic Republic which still continues until today.

  • Ammouliani - Drenia islands 10,-Euros/person

Ammouliani island

Ammouliani Island is definitely a wonder of nature; such a small island only 6 km in length surrounded by so many sandy beaches infamous for the clarity of their crystal waters. It has 600 permanent residents and 6,000 visitors each summer that get to enjoy the hospitality of the island. You can get to the island with a ferry boat from the port of Trypiti and it is just a 10 minute route. You will have the chance to taste fresh fish, collect just hours ago! There is also a folklore museum in the center of the island you can visit that exhibits unique things the refugees from Asia Minor brought from their old homes.

Drenia (donkey) islands 

Drenia islands (Gaidouronisia - translated: donkey islands) are located 15min. opposite Ouranoupoli, Chalkidiki. The six islands are surrounded by beautiful shallow and sandy beaches creating a magical landscape. On the large central island you may enjoy a meal of fresh fish and seafood in a traditional greek taverna with a stunning view of the Gulf of Mount Athos. People from all over the world come and visit specifically this unique location.