Four Seasons Festival 

Autumn Voices


We are very happy to announce that our Autumn Voices Festival will take place in Ouranoupolis-Chalkidiki, Greece, from 30th September to 4th October 2016 as part of the Four Seasons Festival. This year, choirs from all over the world are welcome to participate in the festival.

The Choral Workshop will be given by Erifilli Damianou, musicologist, music education specialist and Conductor of the Greek Society Choir for Music Education.

Choir’s Participation

The Choir Festival will last 5 days, the participation fee is 190€/person – for 4 nights OR 120€/person – for 2 nights and includes:

• Accommodation: from 30th September to 4th  October 2016 (4 nights) in 

**** Akrathos Beach Hotel in Ouranoupolis (in 2 beds rooms) 


Accommodation: from 30th September to 2nd October 2016 (2 nights) in 

**** Akrathos Beach Hotel in in Ouranoupolis (in 2 beds rooms) 


• HB - Breakfast and one meal per day at ****Akrathos Beach Hotel

• give their own choir performance of 20 minutes max. duration 

 (a cappella or with piano accompaniment)  in two concerts in Ouranoupolis and Nea Moudania (in indoor or outdoor theaters)

• share the stage with all the choirs of the festival in a  Gala Concert (in a theater indoors or outdoors)

• participate in the workshop given by some of the conductors of the invited choirs

• take part in the Gala Concert

• attend the Choral Workshop given by Erifilli Damianou

• take part in all activities of the Four Seasons Festival (traditional dance night, tasting traditional Greek food etc)

• Advertisement for the concerts

• Poster

• Technical support (sound, light, music stands etc)

• Video recording of all concerts with high quality equipment 

• Certificate of Participation – papyrus - for each choir

Piano accompaniment 

A piano (standing, tail or electrical) will be provided for all the joint rehearsals and the Gala Concert will by the festival. If piano accompaniment is necessary for your choir’s 20 min. performance, you will have to bring your own pianist.

The Autumn Voices Festival will take place in Ouranoupolis, Greece. 


On the top of Mount Athos peninsula and at a distance of 140km away from the airport of Thessaloniki lies Ouranoupolis, the Gate of Mount Athos. Ouranoupolis is a divine landscape, combining mountainous and sea beauties, promising unforgettable holidays, especially for the travelers seeking relaxation, away from the stress of the town. The village seems to be a serene portrait which welcomes the pilgrims and prepares them for their spiritual journey to Mount Athos. Besides that Ouranoupolis means in Greek, the city of  heaven, the city who drives you up to heaven... In front of the tower lies the port, the gate of Mount Athos, where either the ferry boats travel to the monasteries or cruise around the peninsula at a distance of 500m from the beach. In Ouranoupolis the visitors apart from the hospitality and the friendly spirit of the residents, have the unique chance to savor fresh fish caught in the Mount Athos Golf in traditional fish taverns, to relax in pleasant cafes or bars drinking cocktails on the beach watching the sunset. During the day the activities give unique opportunities for swimming or fishing at exotic beaches across Ouranoupolis, on the small isles, which can be visited either by small fishing boats or small speedboats. Diving, sea sports, cars and motorbikes for rent are being at the disposal of the visitors. Ouranoupolis is surrounded by a wonderful forest which is being offered for walks and exploration, viewing to the village and Mount Athos. Inevitably Ouranoupolis is the last stop for all pilgrims who wish to visit Mount Athos since they have to collect early in the morning the Diamonitirio, a written authorization and the ticket for the ferry boat.

If you are interested in participating at the Autumn Voices Festival, please contact us by sending an email to:[email protected] 

Our website: 

You may download the information and conditions of participation here